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Best Person to Thank If You Ride a Bicycle New York 2010 - Janette Sadik-Khan

Next time you find yourself whizzing down some of the city's nifty new toothpaste-green painted bike lanes—like the ones on Allen Street, Ninth Avenue, and Kent Avenue—safely buffered from the flow of traffic by a row of parked cars, take a moment to thank Janette Sadik-Khan. Since her appointment in 2007, Sadik-Khan, the city's stylish, guerrilla-bureaucrat transportation commissioner, has added more than 200 bike-lane miles in the five boroughs. Five of those miles are for bike paths that are physically separated from the street. Sadik lobbies hard for new lanes; she's been known to tell skeptical Wall Street types that "Biking is the new golf." She also claims to be a bike commuter herself—though, bike lane or no, we know it's pretty tough to ride from your West Village apartment to your downtown office in three-inch heels.

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Native NYer
Native NYer

Kieran, Don't lie! Stop lying. Stop making up stories!!

She does NOT ride the bike every day to work. That is a faabarication.

First, How would you know? Do you stalk her?

Second, I have seen her and her limousine!! In fact, her chauffeur got ticketed with her in the NY Thruway on the way to Albany for SPEEDING.Why doesn't she take Amtrak like she preaches - mass transit? Because she is a hypocrite and fools believe her.

Third, go to Warren St yourself(not Chambers St, that was an error) and see her private parking spot in front of her office.

It is pathetic to see such sycophants for bureaucrats in the Village Voice spouting propaganda for the elite who govern us.


Actually no! She bikes to work every day, and if you actually think she goes to work in a limousine you're a moron.

Native NYer
Native NYer

Of course you never see this bureaurcrat elitist on a bike, except to garner cheap photo ops at press events.

She has her own chauffeured limousine that we taxpayers pay for and her own reserved Parking spot in front of her office on Chambers Street. She is the uber-limousine liberal personified.

An elitist who wants us plebes to bike or ride MTA, but doesn't practice what she preaches.