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Best Place to Have a Quiet Chat With Everyone You'll See Later at Club 57 New York 2010 - ViG27 - CLOSED



119 E. 27th St.

New York, NY 10016


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ViG27 is brave enough not to be in Chelsea or HK; it's actually on the East Side, providing a lounge-y crashing ground for Gramercy and Murray Hill types who want a cozy neighborhood watering hole to call home. A video screen showing the latest glitzy work of Kelis and Katy Perry is invaluable for the gays. But one of its most important functions seems to be as a meeting ground for those heading to greater glory later in the night. In fact, if you get there too late on a Saturday evening, you might find that almost everyone has just left en masse to go to Club 57, the three-floor event at Providence, for some higher-octane partying. That's fine—nightclubbing should be done in stages, so you can become emotionally and physically prepared for the next level before moving on. But it's a good idea to catch everyone at ViG27 first, when they're a little more coherent.

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