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Best Sex Shop (on Staten Island) New York 2010 - Nitecap Video

Nitecap Video

Nitecap Video

690 Gulf Ave.

Staten Island, NY 10314


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Located in the shadow of the Goethals Bridge, next to an empty field where you can easily imagine the Sopranos burying bodies, Staten Island's Nitecap Video is the largest porn shop on the East Coast. How does the enormous warehouse survive in this faraway corner of the five boroughs, and who the hell goes to porn stores when there is so much porn available on the Internet? Maybe straight guys like the salesgirls, who seem like waitresses who didn't quite make the cut at Hooters. Maybe Staten Island dads on the down-low like visiting the upstairs video arcade, one the city's last. It certainly seems like the brides-to-be, who routinely stop here during Island bachelorette parties, enjoy holding one of the store's thousand or so dildos before making a purchase. But it's not certain that everyone likes getting sexual advice from Sonny, the owner's septuagenarian father and self-proclaimed "Hugh Hefner of Staten Island," who wanders the aisles and offers tips for satisfying your lover to anyone who will listen.

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Shannon Fair
Shannon Fair

Nitecap's employees are actually very knowledgeable on products and very discreet, to call them "waitresses that didn't make the cut at Hooters" is an insult to them and shows how ignorant you are. In all honesty 90% of the general population know that The Village Voice is a place where hipsters who are tired of blogging about politics can finally put their thoughts on a piece of paper that "matters". The other 10% of people are hipsters who just got finished talking about some crappy indie band and their uninspired new album. You wrote nothing about the store, all you did was paint a picture of you ignorance towards people and places when the fact is you support the gay community so much that you should be supporting such a store with things better than mafia references. Lastly, your article was piss poorly written and the fact that you used the word septuagenarian proved that you throw your $5 words around to seem self important while smoking your pack of American Spirits. Fucking hipsters, go hide in Williamsburg no one likes your rambling.