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Best Spot for Crafty Cruising New York 2010 - Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea

176 Lafayette Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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Sidling up to someone at a bar is just a little bit creepy, and whispering pickup lines over the froth of a Starbucks venti caramel latte is so '00s. What New York needs now is a reliable pickup spot, and you can't do much better than the Brooklyn Flea. Held on balmy Saturdays in the recreation area of a Catholic high school in Fort Greene, this mingling of vintage duds and fresh eats also sports some of the city's finest eye candy. (There's also an indoors one at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank on Sundays.) Seems like just about everyone who frequents the Fort Greene flea is between 25 and 45 with good skin and a passable liberal arts degree. Singles, or even those already coupled up, can admire the toned bicep emerging from a silk-screened T-shirt, the heaving bosoms peeking out of a kicky '50s housedress, the muscular thighs barely constrained by plaid board shorts, the shapely ankle appearing from a just-purchased pair of Ferragamo pumps. Imagine your hands meeting while you reach for the same foxed picture book or that last jar of McClure's spicy pickles. Even if you can't find love, you can probably come away with some great Depression-era glassware.

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