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Best Yankee New York 2010 - Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano

161st St. & River Ave.

Bronx, NY 10451


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Readers' Choice: Derek Jeter

Do you remember a season when the best Yankee wasn't Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, or Alex Rodriguez? Put another way: Did you—three or four years ago, or even last year—envision a year when the best Yankee would be Robinson Cano—and by a landslide? The Yankees persevered this year despite bad to mediocre first halves from Tex and A-Rod, largely because Cano was hitting way over his head—.350 to .360 in the first couple of months with excellent power. Or is that really over his head? This was his sixth season, and his career average is .309 with almost 20 home runs per year. He has worked hard and learned to do everything that skeptics (like me) said he couldn't: hit left-handers, pivot on the double play, draw an occasional walk, and get big hits in the late innings of close games (something he wasn't doing for most of the previous season). And another thing: It's tough to get a perspective on greatness, but we've been underrating Cano for so long that maybe it's time we noticed that Robbie is knocking on the door of the Yankee Hall of Fame as Best Second Baseman Ever.

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Jeff Etzler
Jeff Etzler

Dear Fucking Pussies Who Wrote This "Best Of" Section,

I have nothing against Derek Jeter, but you write a whole top list of "Sports and Recreation" without one mention of the New York Rangers? They play at Madison Square Garden at least two times a week right now, while you publish horse shit.

A slap shot to the balls you have deep in your mother's mouth.

Best regards,New York City


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