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Best Yoga Deal New York 2010 - Kula Yoga Project

Kula Yoga Project

Kula Yoga Project

28 Warren

New York, NY 10007


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A few blocks from City Hall, through a nondescript doorway tucked behind an African music CD vendor's stand, is one of New York's best-kept yoga secrets: the Kula Yoga Project. On Monday afternoons, you can take Kula's "pay-what-you-wish" community class for an hour and a half of ass-kicking, fire-breathing, blissed-out yoga. Kula classes are normally pricey, but the studio also offers some really good deals on unemployed and student packages, which can come out to be as low as $10 a class. While many studios offer pay-what-you-wish and discounted classes—some at more convenient times—Kula stands out for the quality of instruction. Founder Schuyler Grant's style combines the heart-pumping cardio workout of a vinyasa flow class with the precise direction of slower styles like hatha or Iyengar. The teachers switch up the postures throughout the class, so it's never boring, and, unlike many yoga studios, you can trust them to walk you through some really tough poses so you won't risk injuring yourself in the process.

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Kaitlyn Hipple teaches this pay-what-you-can class, and she is one of my favorite teachers!

j. d.
j. d.

i've been practicing at kula for 6+ of my 8+ yoga years now and have yet to find a more magical place in the city. with a community vibe that also can't be beat. their new williamsburg location deserves a shout-out as well.