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Most Eye-Popping Fashion Plates New York 2010 - Vanity Scoiety, Gazelle

Nothing is more welcome in the clubs than someone who's willing to throw convention to the wind and go over the top with blinding ensembles night after night. Even if they're just doing it to nab attention—and they're not—that kind of dress-up mania provides gratification for all the clubbies who left the house hoping for a free fashion show. The two best at this game? Vanity Society—a milliner and member of the Imperial Court who tosses together hats, facial drapings, and makeup effects to create human art—and Gazelle, a Brazilian-born scene queen who does the very same thing, but in different colors and arrangements, which make him seem like an Animal Planet escapee done up for a continual Carnaval. Both combine eccentricity, history, and homespun inspiration to create looks that make New York the kind of mad tea party worth attending on a regular basis. Together, they've helped suck the complacence out of clubbing while doing more to help finance the accessories industry than anyone since the Rockettes.

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Pat Bradley
Pat Bradley

Ummm... TYPO!

Big congrats to Gazelle--love her!


Kisses, kesses, miss G'azell!

Frankie  stein
Frankie stein

Love this article, and all that it says. Vanity is a living breathing canvas of visual delight. Viva Vanity long may you rule the scene, it has been a long time coming. Kiss Kiss

lenny  Cota
lenny Cota

FAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS u know vanity has THAT spark thats IS lacking in the fashion n art world since warhol passed that spark that studio 54 had.. its not sheer genius but its needed after all the late 80's90s n early 90s drug n death crap. vanity puts back to what the cubs were all about n the creativity had hidden but now its open for all to see. HES not drag hes creativity personified. like so many before him HE is a staple of performance art liken unto taboo. leigh bowery. back in the day.... Vanity. isnt veign but celebrated as i do too celebrate him :) BE SAFE be creative n make it work!