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Most Unusual Use of an Old Nightlife Space New York 2010 - Limelight Marketplace - CLOSED

Limelight Marketplace

Limelight Marketplace

656 Ave. Of The Americas

New York, NY 10011


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The Limelight was the site of '80s and '90s club-kid-related antics that led to manslaughter, tax evasion, deportation, and, worst of all, bad attempts to revive the club again and again. It has always seemed like a doomed locale, but at least the newest incarnation, Limelight Marketplace, is a completely different venture: a mall of shops hawking clothes, gelato, and various primping and pampering items for you and your dogs. Charming, no, especially since the white décor valiantly strives to remove all traces of yesteryear. Maybe they can try, but the timing seems economically off, and, no matter what they put on it, this particular piece of real estate still seems more cursed than the cast of Saturday Night Live. It should probably just be razed and left as a satanic shrine to the people who killed nightlife. But in the meantime, let's go shopping!

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