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Best and Most Accurate Use of the Word 'Crack' New York 2011 - Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery

623 Vanderbilt Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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"It's like crack" is one of the highest compliments one can give a dessert. It's also one of the most inaccurate—no, whatever you're eating will not give you delusional parasitosis or cause you to lose your job and home. That said, Ample Hills Creamery's Salted Crack Caramel ice cream is eminently deserving of its name, thanks its great reserve of salty, toasted caramel flavor and the sedimentary deposits of milk-chocolate-enrobed saltines concealed in its creamy depths. It's a perfect storm of sugar, fat, and salt: Your dopamine receptors don't stand a chance. 623 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-240-3926, (11238)

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I fail to see what is so funny about naming an ice cream after a drug that ravaged so many neighborhoods and lives in this city. I guess if you're some white Brooklyn hipster from Connecticut who can afford the $4 ice cream cones here it might be funny to you, but really it's just sick and offensive to real New Yorkers who watched this drug destroy so many lives over the years, including the lives of many poor African American and Hispanic New Yorkers who could never afford to buy anything in an upscale place like this. Shame on the owners of this place for naming an ice cream flavor after such a destructive drug, and shame on the Voice for making a joke of it.