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Best Bookstore (New) New York 2011 - McNally Jackson

McNally Jackson

McNally Jackson

52 Prince St.

New York, NY 10012


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Readers' Choice: St. Mark's

Just when the future for brick-and-mortar book retailers is looking the most dismal, with the demise of Borders and the subway prevalence of iPads/Nooks/Kindles where thick, colorful Harry Potters once dominated, at least one bookstore is fighting back. Soho's McNally Jackson is a bright, two-level outlet that smells like espresso and has the community center vibe Barnes & Noble once gave off—back when there was only one in a 30-mile radius. And besides selling new books in a climate barely hospitable to them, the store goes a step further by giving birth to them. The Espresso Book Machine can produce the novel you've been laboring over for the past decade, your collection of poetry no house would publish, the personal memoir you think anyone actually cares about, family recipes, or just 100 pages of photocopies of your butt. Here, anything is publishable for a pretty reasonable fee (books start at $6, plus $0.02 per page). The machine can also churn out anything in the public domain, so if you're desperate for a paperweight/brand-new copy of Ulysses on-demand, you're covered. 52 Prince Street, 212-274-1160, (10012)

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It only produces in black and white and if there are color photos inside, they print in black and white as well. The paper is also cheap. You can get a better quality book for alot cheaper on Amazon.