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Best Burger New York 2011 - Korzo Haus

Korzo Haus

Korzo Haus

178 E. 7th St.

New York, NY 10009


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At Korzo Haus, a large ground-beef patty is first blackened on each side on a griddle, leaving it bright red and juicy in the middle. Next it is implanted in a ball of yeast-risen dough, which is then deep-fried. The burger remains about the same level of doneness while the bread cooks to a coffee-bean brown on the outside. Put inside the ball with the patty is your choice of toppings. The ?original? option also boasts bacon, house-made pickles, house-made mustard, and Emmentaler cheese, which melts and cascades out as you bite into this amazing burger. 178 East 7th Street, 212-780-0181
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