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Best Chinese—Hunanese New York 2011 - Hunan Kitchen

Hunan Kitchen

Hunan Kitchen

42-47 Main St.

Flushing, NY 11355


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Not long ago, New York had no authentic restaurants offering the spicy cuisine of Hunan, celebrated as Mao's birthplace. Now we have two, both in Flushing. The best was launched by the Grand Sichuan chain not long ago: Hunan Kitchen is located on lower Main Street, among the new northern Chinese places. Unusual dishes to be found there include white-pepper-smoked beef (illustrating its vast range of chili and peppercorn preparations), liquor-soaked duck, smoked bamboo, and, especially, steamed fish head in pickled chili sauce. 42-47 Main Street, Queens, 718-888-0553, (11355)

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..."celebrated as Mao's birthplace"....this is as morally twisted as describing Ranshofen as "celebrated as Hitler's birthplace". How can your reviewer write this in good conscience?

We were given Maoist propaganda with our menus at the Saint Mark's location shortly after it opened. Disgusting. Would never support a place enamored of this mass murderer.