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Best Hawaiian New York 2011 - L & L Hawaiian Barbecue - CLOSED

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

64 Fulton St.

New York, NY 10038


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There are only two Hawaiian restaurants in town we know of, and L & L Hawaiian Barbecue is the better one. Look for Japanese dishes like nori rolls and katsudon; Chinese spring rolls and dumplings; and—best of all—Honolulu-style barbecued pork, shredded and tossed with cabbage, and smoky as all get-out. Spam abounds on the menu, too. Don't be afraid of it. 64 Fulton Street, 212-577-2087, (10038)

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There are definitely more than 2 Hawaiian restaurants in the city, if you're not doing your research how are we supposed to trust the recommendations?!? What about Hurricane club or Lani Kai? They're both fun places with good food and great drinks?


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