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Best Hidden Gem New York 2011 - Sun Light Bakery Corp.

Sun Light Bakery Corp.

Sun Light Bakery Corp.

160 E. Broadway

New York, NY 10002


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Sun Light Bakery Corp. is, of course, a bakery?one half of it, at least?but the other door leads to a small warren where a woman in an orange baseball cap makes the Chinese rice noodles called gee cheung fun by pouring a soupy and livid-white batter into a steam cabinet tray, then scrapes the result off with a spatula into your carryout container. At your direction, she puts shrimp, scallions, Spam, or other items drawn from a list that includes over two dozen items. Our favorite: having the noodles topped with beef stew. 160 East Broadway, 212-608-8899
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