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Best Irish New York 2011 - Galway Hooker

Galway Hooker

Galway Hooker

133 Seventh Ave. S.

New York, NY 10014


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Now that the so-called "Irish Miracle" has fallen apart (hey, we're not doing so great in the economy category ourselves), Irish immigrants have returned to New York, with great effect on the restaurant industry. In fact, the city probably now has more Irish bars than at any other point in its history. Many of the new ones fall into the gastropub category, including Galway Hooker, where the versatile menu strays in many culinary directions. The egg-topped Hooker burger is a particular delight. By the way, a "hooker" is a type of Galway Bay fishing boat. 133 Seventh Avenue South, 212-675-6220, (10014)

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