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Best Jamaican New York 2011 - Blue Mountain Cafe

Blue Mountain Cafe

1377 E. New York Ave.

New York, NY 11233


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If you?re a big fan of jerk?and we are?you?re probably almost tired of your selection of jerk items being limited to chicken, with the occasional whole fish or handful of shrimp. And you?re right in feeling this way, since the original jerking was done in Jamaica?s Boston Bay with whole pigs that were dumped into a smouldering pit with pimento wood. The closest one can come to this in the city is at Brownsville?s Blue Mountain Cafe, where the fatty chunks of pork come out tasting of smoke, allspice, and Scotch bonnet peppers, and the staff is every bit as friendly as the island itself. 1377 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-342-5850
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