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Best Knick New York 2011 - Amar'e Stoudemire

Readers' Choice: Carmelo Anthony

Amar'e Stoudemire by a hair over Carmelo Anthony. Really, we're happy to have both, and watching Anthony over a full season—not just the 27 games we saw him last year—might change our minds. But right now, even in consideration of the different roles they play on the team, the nod must go to Stoudemire. He averages about a point less per game but has a shooting percentage that's four points higher, grabs more rebounds on both sides of the court, and is considerably better at blocking shots, and steals balls at precisely the same rate as Carmelo. Moreover, there is at least the perception that Stoudemire makes his teammates better, and if that's true, he's going to make an even better player out of Anthony. But the truth is if either one of these guys wants to capture the mythical title of "Best New York Knick," he's going to have to come up better when the other team has the ball.

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Plus Patrick Ewing goes down as best ever NY Knicks player.If wasn't for Micheal Jordan standing in his way,Ewing would've have 3 NBA titles by now.But Micheal stood in his way.


I say Carmelo,better offensive weapon.Both will have to win NBA Championship to attain legendary status.