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Best Live Entertainment New York 2011 - Japanther

Here?s the thing: If you call yourself a New Yorker, then you need to see Japanther at least once. It?s unfair to deprive yourself of the art-punks? fantastically high-energy live shows. Do you want to be subjected to the same incredulous stares every time you admit to being a Japanther virgin? Do you like repeatedly hearing about how ?epic? their performances are and how it seemed damn near impossible to have that many people crowd-surfing at once? Don?t you want your own ?I saw Japanther shred at Barnes & Noble/the Williamsburg Bridge/Party Xpo/Market Hotel, and it was fucking awesome? story? If you don?t, then maybe you should start looking at real estate listings in other cities, because while this power duo might call themselves a joke, we take them seriously.?
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