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Best Manicure and Pedicure New York 2011 - William Nail Spa

William Nail Spa

William Nail Spa

90 William St.

New York, NY 10038


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This city has as many nail salons as it does taxi cabs, so your options are anything but limited. However, when scouting a nail salon, there should be at least a couple of mandatory guidelines. For one, cleanliness is key—a nail salon should be immaculate, as should be its nail tools. Color longevity is also a must. If the polish lasts more than a week, then that salon is a keeper. William Nail Spa on William Street does all of the above, and the best part is that both a manicure and pedicure cost a mere 20 bucks! Even when it sounds too good to be true, the proof is in the waiting line. It's almost like waiting to be seated at Little Owl, but the time is worth it. William Nail Spa offers a ton of specialties including tip wraps, massages, waxing, and threading, but the real deal is in its basic manicure and pedicure. Indulge in some guilty pleasures by using the massage chairs, watching Judge Judy, reading OK! Magazine, and giving your nails the R&R they deserve for an honorable price. 90 William Street, 212-785-5588 (10038)

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