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Best Park for Concerts New York 2011 - Crotona Park

Crotona Park

Crotona Park

E. 173rd & Crotona Park

Bronx, NY 10460


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Sure, Crotona Park is a great place to watch a show, but it's the city's best park venue because a 40-minute concert there can easily become an evening-long affair featuring any combination of grilling dinner, catching up with old friends, drinking nutcracker, walking through the park's 127 rolling acres, and reminiscing while your kids or grandkids play tops on the pavement. This year, thanks to SummerStage's citywide expansion, the park, easily accessible from the 2 and 5 trains, hosted more concerts than ever. (We were lucky enough to catch Slick Rick and Brucie B bring back hip-hop's golden age then dance to Afro-Caribbean quintet Xcstasy on back-to-back days.) But the real action took place on Thursday nights in July and August, when each week, another old-school legend would teach an informal master class on how to rock the wheels of steel, playing records that kept all generations moving their feet. Fulton Avenue, the Bronx, (10460)

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Teofilo Colon Jr
Teofilo Colon Jr

Crotona Park in the Bronx is a magnificent place to view a concert. I tried posting a comment earlier, but for some reason it is not showing up.

I was also able to see concerts by Legendary Rapper SLICK RICK and Garifuna American Band XCSTACY at Crotona Park in the Bronx as part of The Summerstage Concert Series. Way to go City Parks Foundation!

Crotona Park also held Outdoor Movie Screenings, Theatrical Performances (on the Summerstage as well as The Crotona Park Ampitheater) and of course, The Crotona Park Hip-Hop Park Jams. All of which made the 2011 Summer one for the ages.

Check out The Friends of Crotona Park Facebook group to see photo albums from all the events that took place there over the summer.

Also, here's a youtube link to a video of a small portion of Garifuna American Band's XCSTACY performance at Crotona Park as part of the Summerstage Concert Series.

Teofilo Colon JrBeing Garifuna

Teofilo Colon Jr
Teofilo Colon Jr

Crotona Park in the Bronx is a magnificent Park for a Concert. One of the best kept secrets (and true natural pleasure) in New York City. I also attended the Slick Rick and XCSTACY concerts (as well as many others -- including outdoor movie screenings, theatrical plays, and The Crotona Hip-Hop Park Jams that you referred to in the article) at Crotona Park over the summer.

By the way, below is a youtube link to a portion of Garifuna American Band Xcstacy's Performance at Crotona Park as a part of The Summerstage Concert Series.

Teofilo Colon JrBeing Garifuna