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Best Place To Get Hammered and Eat a Man New York 2011 - Barcade



388 Union Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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If it takes more than the dual promise of coin-operated Frogger and American-craft lager to convince you why Barcade is one of Brooklyn's awesomest bars, we shouldn't be friends. That's fine because with the rest of the OKCupid first dates, birthday-drink parties, and Kotaku-reading nerds milling around the seven-year-old grown-up funhouse, the Williamsburg destination doesn't need more bodies blocking the way to the Ms. Pac-Man machine. A ginormous, open-room nostalgia factory near the L train Lorimer stop, Barcade is stocked with '80s arcade classics: Tapper, Galaga, Q*Bert, Dig Dug, Paperboy, even Punch-Out. But our personal favorite is Rampage, a 1986 Bally-Midway video game in which players embody man-eating monsters who punch buildings while trying to survive military counterattacks. Even better than the taste of a video-game soldier? The endlessly rotating drink-menu of American craft beers. Just thinking about it—burp. 388 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-302-6464, (11211)

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