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Best Playground (Outdoor) New York 2011 - Pier 6

Tucked into the waterfront at the bottom of Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 has one of the newest playgrounds in the city. It's also the most ambitious. There are four main sections, each embedding state-of-the-art play equipment in a winding landscape surrounded by beautiful plantings: Slide Mountain takes its name from the 13-foot chute built into an artificial peak, but it also features a geodesic climbing matrix like something out of Buckminster Fuller's fever dreams; Swing Valley, where kids on Tarzan ropes and in tot seats and twin swings find their dismounts cushioned by springy rubber turf; Sandbox Village, a huge expanse for kids whose parents aren't maniacal germophobes; and the Water Lab (closed in winter months), where a series of water features cascades from an upper pool to sprinklers at the bottom.Pier 6, Atlantic Avenue at Furman Street, Brooklyn, (11201)

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