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Best Sports Bar New York 2011 - Standings



43 E. 7th St.

New York, NY 10003


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Readers' Choice: Sidebar

It would be kind of pathetic if we were truly able to name NYC's best sports bar. That would mean we'd indeed been to every single one in New York. But while we like a good sports bar, having that kind of comprehensive knowledge of every brew and hot wing and big-ass flat screen "spa" would suggest a level of personal development well below ideal. So we'll just say what our current favorite is, from our more limited but emotionally healthy experience. Located on East Seventh Street, just a block from the Voice (wouldn't you know), our pick this year is really more of a cozy pub—pretty much the opposite of the late, lamented ESPN Zone. Woody and comfortable, Standings could be called a sports nook. And a fine little nook it is, with a good selection of draught beers, several game choices, and a minimum of aggressive frat-boy backslapping. Blessedly. Plus, it always seems to have a nice selection of non–New Yorkers rooting on their team from back home. A small-batch IPA and cheering for the Yankees to lose—what's not to love? 43 East Seventh Street, 212-420-0671, (10003)

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