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Best Strategy From Here Through Maternity New York 2011 - Uniqlo



546 Broadway

New York, NY 10012


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Instead of going in for pricey duds that either won't fit you in a few months or will depress you if they do, avoid the maternity-clothing racket altogether and think low-cost fast-fashion fabrics. Head to Uniqlo, the "new-style Japanese firm," whatever that means, for jeggings, jeans, and pants with elastic waistbands to carry you from the "is-she-getting-fat" weeks straight through the "that-lady's-gonna-drop-one-soon" stretch of the pregnancy. H&M is the spot for sweaters and inexpensive knit jersey dresses. For your midsummer swell-up, check out Forever 21 for shorts and skirts with elastic waistbands. All three places sell most items for $30 or less, so you're not breaking the bank on clothing you don't won't need for long, and because you're buying things that are elastic, they can be worn after the baby is born. Plus, H&M and Forever 21 both have tiny maternity clothing sections, so you can pick up, say, maternity leggings if that's your thing. Uniqlo, 546 Broadway, 917-237-8811, (10012); H&M, various locations,; Forever 21, various locations,

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The more stories we tell, the more the issue becomes one about people, about individuals making choices sometimes choices we agree with, sometimes vehemently not. But that is what will move the conversation forward. When we address such an intensely personal issue like abortion as exactly that, we can portray the real, whole truth of an intensely important issue." I second, third, and fourth that sentiment. This is why I've chosen to focus on stories in my work in reproductive ethics. Stories are what transform "issues" into human interactions that actually have the potential to change hearts and minds. Acknowledging and incorporating people's stories in ethical conversations can make the conversations more complex, but they are also more worthwhile.