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Best Use of Blood New York 2011 - Zabb Elee

Zabb Elee

Zabb Elee

75 Second Ave.

New York, NY 10003


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Most anything on the menu is a good bet at Zabb Elee, a new East Village restaurant specializing in food from Thailand's northern Isaan region. But the best brothy bowl is certainly the nam tok. Billed as "dark noodle soup," this hearty entrée plays host to sliced beef, thin rice noodles, and crunchy green morning-glory shoots, all in a broth flavored with a panoply of warming spices. Why is the liquid as thick as murky swamp sludge? Well, it has been thickened and flavored with pig's blood, which adds a complex richness and viscosity to the soup. Hey, with all that iron, you won't need to take your vitamins post-meal. 75 Second Avenue, 212-505-9533, (10003)

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