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Best Auteur Grave Site New York 2012 - Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery

233rd St. & Webster Ave.

Bronx, NY 10470


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A thoroughgoing iconoclast, at the height of his fame and influence, producer/director Otto Preminger (Laura, The Man With the Golden Arm, Exodus) preferred to keep himself at arm's length from that industry town: Hollywood. Preminger's business was largely based in New York City, and he kept a townhouse on East 64th Street, which was designed in every detail as the epitome of mid-century modern by frequent collaborator Saul Bass, decorated with Eames furniture and Henry Moore statuary. When Preminger shuffled off this mortal coil in 1986, however, his cremated remains settled into rather less imposing, if still austere, digs: Today you may take a meeting with him any time in the stale air of the Azalea Room of the Velma B. Woolworth Memorial Chapel in the Bronx's Woodlawn Cemetery, where the composer of Preminger's very great Anatomy of a Murder, Duke Ellington, is not far off. Cinephiles take note: Some adjacent cubbyholes still seem to be unoccupied. East 233rd Street, the Bronx, 718-920-0500, (10470)

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