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Best Brew-Supply Store New York 2012 - Bitter and Esters

Bitter and Esters

Bitter and Esters

700 Washington Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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After long years when New York was inexplicably without a dedicated brew-supply store, Brooklyn's burgeoning fixation with artisanal DIY whatnots has recently corrected that deficiency with a number of good shops. The best of these is in Prospect Heights, a place that combines a well-stocked inventory of equipment and ingredients with a helpful staff and an ambitious education program. More than just a supply shop, Bitter and Esters is a sort of community center for the malt-and-hops set. The frequently offered introductory classes will get you started, while advanced classes partner students with master brewers from well-known craft breweries. If you're thinking of getting into brewing but aren't ready (or don't have room) for all the requisite equipment, you can brew on site, using the shop's own equipment to cook up a 15-gallon batch of the recipe of your choice. It also hosts tasting events and beer swaps, where you can share your foamy creations with other hobbyists. If you want to try your hand at the delicate and precise art of brewing, or if you're just a high-volume consumer who has crunched the numbers and figured out how much cheaper it is to make your own, Bitter and Esters is a natural first stop. 700 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, 917-596-7261, (11238)

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