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Best Brown-Bagging-a-Beer Spot New York 2012 - Transmitter Park

Transmitter Park

Kent St.

New York, NY 11222

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Being broke in our expensive city will teach you, if nothing else, how to appreciate a nice, tall can of beer from the bodega on the neighborhood block. You know the exchange: Walk in, grab that 24-ouncer, throw two bucks on the counter, and venture to a nearby park or street corner to throw it back. Greenpoint's new Transmitter Park finally opened this past summer after three years of construction work, and it already offers the ideal spot to enjoy some suds from a can. Sitting near the top of Brooklyn, the 1.6-acre green space overlooks nearly all of the shining towers of Manhattan. Grab a bench or a chunk of grass, lean back, and cheers to a view of the skyline that will never, ever get old. Between Kent Street and Greenpoint Avenue, past West Street, Brooklyn (11222)

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