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Best Cinephile's Stay-at-Home Option New York 2012 - Photoplay Video and DVD

Photoplay Video and DVD

Photoplay Video and DVD

928 Manhattan Ave.

New York, NY 11222


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New York Video is dead—the store, if not the concept. Moreover, the West Village's World of Video shuttered this spring, TLA and Evergreen are increasingly hazy memories, Kim's has retired from rental, Williamsburg's Videology is building on a bar addition to help cover its rent, and only the Video Room soldiers on in the Upper East Side, keeping the VHS faith. For our money, though, the best holdout of the video-store era isn't in Manhattan, but on Manhattan Avenue: Photoplay Video and DVD, located deep in the G train limbo of Greenpoint, a decade old and going strong. The pseudo-scientific test of superiority: They always seem to have whatever oddball title you absolutely need to have on short notice. Jerry Lewis in The Geisha Boy? We'll pull it for you. Some small-batch Warners on Demand disc that came out this week? Of course. In fact, the only thing that separates it from the Golden Age of NYC video-store culture is the complete absence of casually jaw-droppingly rude service. 928 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-383-7782 (11222)

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