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Best Home Furnishings New York 2012 - ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home

888 Broadway

New York, NY 10003


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Pinterest is fun when you want to browse photos of luxurious, palatial homes and beautiful furniture without leaving the futon in your cramped studio apartment. But sometimes we want to get out there and see with our own eyes the $8,000 couch upholstered with old Anatolian grain sacks that we'd replace that sad futon with if we only had the funds. That's where ABC Carpet & Home comes in. It's expensive enough that you won't be tempted to purchase anything, but browsing the six floors of crystal chandeliers, Alpaca-fur rugs, and vintage furniture will supply you with some inspiration for when you finally get that long-awaited raise at work. On a recent visit, we found a hot-pink area rug that changed our whole opinion of the color pink and a tufted gray sofa that would look perfect in our living room (at $5,495, we might just be able to buy it after saving for a couple of years). 888 Broadway, 212-473-3000, (10003)

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