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Best Liquor Store New York 2012 - Warehouse Wines and Spirits

Warehouse Wines and Spirits

Warehouse Wines and Spirits

735 Broadway

New York, NY 10003


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In a city with so many places to go out for a drink, there are still times when you just want to booze comfortably at home. For those nights, you can't find a better store to stock up on intoxicating beverages than Warehouse Wines and Spirits. The selection is great—it's rare not to find what you're looking for—and the truly warehouse-like space is well organized by region. The selection is not as broad as that of specialists like Zachys, but it's still robust, with every major region well represented. Some of the bottles are on the expensive end, but the emphasis is on affordable, with more than 500 wines listed under $10. This isn't the sort of spot that gets by on atmosphere—it's busy, and staff can skew toward the gruff side. But what you're giving up in atmospherics, you're definitely making up in cheap. Prices are always among the best in Manhattan, and the ongoing "Recession Busters" specials frequently drop already reasonable prices by half. Bonus for the lazy bulk buyer: Order 12 bottles or more and spend $100 and next-day delivery below 86th Street in Manhattan is free. 735 Broadway, 212-982-7770, (10003)

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Warehouse Wines and Spirits is notorious for selling spoiled wine. It's happened to me with the last three bottles of red I bought there--all on the glowing advice of the sales staff. Two were inexpensive Spanish wines, and the other a pricey Amarone. When I complained to the manager, Michael (heavy-set guy with white hair), about my latest purchase of bad wine from the store, he was belligerent and sarcastic. Never again. Off to Astor Wines & Spirits I go.