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Best Musical Instrument Store New York 2012 - Main Drag Music

Main Drag Music

Main Drag Music

330 Wythe Ave.

New York, NY 11211


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So you've just moved to Williamsburg, you've seen all the cool kids carrying their instruments to band practice, and you wonder to yourself: Maybe I could be in a band! What's your next move? A trip to Main Drag Music, of course. Here, the friendly and knowledgeable staff (which includes co-owner and drum specialist John Fell, formerly of bands Heroine Sheiks and China Shop) will walk you through everything you need to know about its drool-worthy selection of vintage and new guitars, basses, drums, amps, and keyboards. Or, if you want to be the quirkiest member of your soon-to-be group, you might pick up a pocket piano, a three-string mountain dulcimer, or one of the many sweet ukuleles (starting at the nice price of $35). For accessories, they have all the sticks, strings, cables, picks, sheet music, and boutique guitar-effects pedals you could possibly need. And after you break your instrument in a fit of passion onstage at your first show, come back and have the expert repairs team fix it for you. 330 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-388-6365, (11211)

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For any music enthusiast it is very important to stay within the price limits but also to stay up to the quality standards. So it is very important that they visit the store that suits them most. Main Drag Music offers for beginner’s instruments at very reasonable prices that mostly start from $35. In case of accessories they offer pretty much everything.