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Best New Bar New York 2012 - The Wick and the Well

The Wick and the Well

The Wick and the Well

272 Meserole Ave.

New York, NY 11222


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Readers' Choice: Arena Lounge

The city's best new bar has to be more than just a bar. Does it need a full-service kitchen? Yup. Danceable music from hot bands and DJs? A must. Its own line of beer? Can't hurt. Should its building be architecturally interesting? It certainly helps. Fortunately, The Wick and the Well, somewhat uncomfortably named after old police slang for the once drug-infested block, has all this and more, serving everything from seitan to s'mores, booking everyone from Cam'ron to Os Mutantes, and pouring everything from Germany's Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse to its own Coney Island signature brew out of a Bushwick warehouse erected in 1867 to house the former Hittleman Brewery. The best part? This place is only improving, prepping for the opening of an adjoining indoor concert venue, starting a beer club it describes as "rigorous," and organizing backyard sporting events for the winter. If things go according to plan, this place will be competing with the established favorites quicker than you can ask your bartender for a De Ranke Guldenberg. 272 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, 347-338-3612, (11206)

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