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Best Pinball Bar New York 2012 - Satellite Lounge - CLOSED

Satellite Lounge

Satellite Lounge

143 Havemeyer St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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Who needs chairs? If you're going to a bar to play pinball, you should go to a bar to play pinball; forget about sitting down. Sure, this joint in the heart of Williamsburg might have a few booths for your butt, but Satellite Lounge places its emphasis on the ultimate never-too-drunk-to-play game: pinball, and pinball alone. The bright marquee lights from each machine fill the large, open space, making it feel a bit like walking through Times Square. But ultimately, this bar offers a pleasant, divey feel mixed with a bunch of games. Plus, if it's your birthday, you'll be drinking for the best price: free. 143 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, (11211)

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