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Best Pizzeria New York 2012 - Pete Zaaz

Pete Zaaz

Pete Zaaz

766 Classon Ave.

New York, NY 11238


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Readers' Choice: Capizzi Pizzeria

The sainted savory pie of Naples, totally remade in America 100 years ago, is set to go through another series of abrupt transformations. Crown Heights' Pete Zaaz—punning on the very name of the pie—is poised to do it. The signature pie parodies the baked potato, with bacon, crème fraîche, cheddar cheese, and, in a sort of visual coup d'état, purple Peruvian potatoes. You've never tasted a better or richer slice of innovation. Some of the place's wild experiments succeed, others fail, but every one is worth checking out. For starters, don't miss the fried motz: a slew of crunchy wontons stuffed with cheese and green onions, offered with a tequila-laced dipping sauce. 766 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-230-9229, (11238)

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