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Best Sports Venue New York 2012 - Barclays Center

Barclays Center

Barclays Center

620 Atlantic Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11217


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Nothing is as significant in the field of New York sports construction in the past few years as the introduction of the Barclays Center to Brooklyn's downtown scene this fall. The venue?from a conglomerate of a British bank, Jay-Z, and a host of other bankrollers?is the equivalent of Madison Square Garden in the outer borough. (Its construction created much controversy in its neighborhood.) It will host the Brooklyn Nets? first season this year, along with the first American appearance of the European techno festival phenomenon known as Sensation White. Because it is a newborn arena, this Best Of is not being given so much for the features of the stadium's inside but more so for the fact that it actually exists. Brooklyn has a sports stadium now. Get ready. 620 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 917-618-6100, (11217)

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