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Best Thai New York 2012 - Zabb Elee

Zabb Elee

Zabb Elee

75 Second Ave.

New York, NY 10003


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It's time for SriPraPhai and Chao Thai (even the new one!) to step out of the limelight for a moment and let the East Village's Zabb Elee take its rightful place among the great Siamese restaurants of the city. For a Manhattan place to grab this distinction is unprecedented, because even Hell's Kitchen fave Pam's Real Thai Food can't measure up. One of the genius things of Zabb Elee's slightly subterranean space is the hotness rating score, which allows you to opt for the chile level, and the Isaan salads called larbs (pick the catfish!) can be made just as hot as you want them. Take our advice and stick with 8, because if you go with 9 or 10, you won't have any skin left on the roof of your mouth. 75 Second Avenue, 212-505-9533, (10003)

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