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Best Broadway Theater New York 2013 - Vivian Beaumont

Vivian Beaumont

Vivian Beaumont

150 W. 65th St.

New York, NY 10023


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There are Broadway theaters styled as Roman bathhouses, Gothic dungeons, Greek pavilions, rococo confections, Georgian manses, and Venetian bordellos. Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont isn't one of them. The only Broadway theater located outside the theater district, it lacks the playful décor of most houses. But as you walk along the reflecting pool, past the sinuous Henry Moore sculpture and the ominous Alexander Calder, anticipation flares in a way it rarely does as you brave the crowds on West 46th. In recent years, its clean sightlines and plush chairs have hosted the likes of The Coast of Utopia, South Pacific, and War Horse. This year it will shroud itself in Macbeth's gloom before cheering up for an adaptation of Moss Hart's infectious Act One.

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