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Best Communal Office New York 2013 - Bat Haus

Bat Haus

279 Starr St.

Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Most neo-Brooklynites just want to escape their suburban towns, coolly sidestep a 9-to-5 office job, and avoid ever having to buy work-appropriate apparel as a freelancer. Trouble is, after the third consecutive day of writing in a noisy Starbucks, it's hard not to yearn for the peace and quiet an office provides. Never fear, professional freelancers: You can have your dream and live it, too, at Bat Haus. By far the hippest and most community-oriented of Brooklyn's recent strand of offices-for-rent, this Bushwick collective by Cody Sullivan and Natalie Chan features a "large sexy workspace," speedy Wi-Fi, miscellaneous office services, and, most valuably, an ever-rotating stock of co-workers ripe for creative exchange. For $20 per day, $99 per month part-time, or $149 per month full-time, this bright, high-ceilinged warehouse of "getting stuff done" can become home to your next start-up or professional endeavor. Subscribers also get access to the quaint backyard garden and discounted event-hosting.

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