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Best Food Court New York 2013 - New World Shopping Center

New World Shopping Center

42-17 Queens Blvd.

New York, NY 11104


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Flushing is home to one of the world's most vibrant and rapidly growing Chinatowns, and you need not look beyond the sidewalk to find Peking duck in spongy mantou, hand-stretched noodles, dumplings, and steamed pork buns. But at the New World Shopping Center, New York's largest indoor Asian mall, you'll find a mind-boggling food court where live lobster is plucked from the tank and then wok-fried and dressed in scallion and ginger, sesame-soy–dressed cold skin noodles glisten with fresh vegetables, crab roe soup dumplings are steamed to order, and ice milk is spun into a cotton candy-like pile of cream topped with red beans, Jell-O cubes, cookies, cereal, and syrups. Dishes here hail from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan, a diverse array of options under a single roof. Stop by JMart on the way out for an overwhelming supermarket selection of Asian foods and produce.

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