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Best Headphone History Lesson New York 2013 - Bowery Boys: New York City History

Ever wonder why Stuyvesant Street is such a short, angled nub of nothing? Or how the Post reported on the failures of ghost-raising mediums? Or just how much beauty and strangeness the brownstones and churches and tenements you pass each day have witnessed? Then upgrade your walks with episodes of the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast. The shows, hosted by Greg Young and Tom Myers, are always breezy and informative, crowded with the finest grifters, knickerbockers, spiritualists, and city-builders to stalk these streets since back when New Amsterdam was just some farms and plans for a street grid. Their blog is good, too, and the MP3 walking tour they've put together is stellar—just the thing to have in your head as you pass weird ol' Stuyvesant, the street Petrus Stuyvesant used to walk down to get to his manor house.

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