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Best Ice Cream New York 2013 - OddFellows Ice Cream Company

OddFellows Ice Cream Company

175 Kent Ave.

New York, NY 11249


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Readers' Choice: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

OddFellows Ice Cream Company pays homage to the ice cream parlors of yesterday, and it's something of a homecoming for chef Sam Mason, whose post–wd~50 career saw the former pastry chef delving into savory territory at Tailor before decamping to Brooklyn to own a bar, start a badass mayonnaise company, and, now, dole out uninhibited ice cream flavors to the masses. Mason's sugar game is back in a major way, with a mix of scoop-shop standards as well as the daring flavor profiles that those who've followed his career have come to expect. To wit: butterscotch hit with the earthy, fermented funk of miso, wherein chunks of sweet cherries stand up to the soy condiment's saltiness. In a nod to their forebears, employees wear crisp aprons and soda-jerk caps, but we doubt any of the old-school parlors in town could have foreseen flavors like chorizo caramel and foie gras.

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