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Best Indie Cartoonist Debut New York 2013 - Lisa Hanawalt

This year, thanks to cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt, we finally learned the answer to the burning question: What do dogs really want? As illustrated in her fantastic first book, My Dirty Dumb Eyes (Drawn and Quarterly), the answer is: "a salt lick in the shape of human legs," a bride made of tennis balls, and "the dried, powdered urine of other dogs" (to snort like cocaine). Why didn't we think of that? Based in Brooklyn and an illustrator for Vanity Fair, Vice, and McSweeney's, Hanawalt received raves for her wickedly smart and totally absurd cartoons. A must-read for anyone with an offbeat or demented sense of humor (sex and poop jokes abound), the book also clues us in to Anna Wintour's secret fetish for overweight men, how to tell if Martha Stewart's been drinking ("dildos hot-glued to the oven knobs"), and the reason Mario Batali wears Crocs (they "double as pasta makers"). Best of all, Hanawalt's just getting started.

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Ha! I knew i was onto something when I recently reviewed Hanawalt's book in my blog, The Ladykillers. It's a mystery blog, but for once I decided to step out of the mystery genre and tout this hilarious book! Congratulations to Lisa Hanawalt for this well-deserved reward.