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Best Muslim Chinese New York 2013 - Yi Lan Halal

Yi Lan Halal

Yi Lan Halal

42-79A Main St.

Flushing, NY 11355


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Yi Lan Halal is yet another symbol of Flushing's love affair with Northern Chinese food and a welcome addition to the neighborhood's already abundant variety of represented cuisines. True to its roots, lamb is the favored meat here, best served as part of a "hand teared lamb" hot pot or as tender chunks stuffed into a hubcap-sized omelet; the whole indulgent, creamy bump smothered in glutinous brown gravy. Dig through the hot pot and uncover strands of meat still attached to bones, wavering like ocean kelp in a bowl of thick lamb broth. Yi Lan helps further the case for Flushing as one of the world's great Chinatowns.

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