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Best Off-the-Wall Meal New York 2013 - Flock Dinner

Flock Dinner

1504 Lexington Ave.

New York, NY 10029

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What started as one gathering of friends in Corey Cova's apartment has turned into the city's most innovative and eclectic dining experience. Diners are invited to purchase tickets to a meal prepared by ABV's executive chef. The rub? Courses aren't announced till the day of the event via Twitter, leaving BYOB pairings and your expectations an epic cliffhanger. Featured dishes from past gatherings include cod mousse served in a sardine tin, egg and foie croissants, and braised rabbit. Flock Dinner brings together a random assortment of food pros and unsuspecting amateurs, offering a unique chance to watch a celebrated chef speak, cook, and serve creative entrees in his own place. The dinner series moved downstairs to ABV from its original birthplace during the summer, but there's no telling where the flock may fly to next.

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