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Best Park to Make You Remember Why You Love New York Parks New York 2013 - Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Washington Ave.

New York, NY 10034


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Sure, especially if you live in Brooklyn, the trek to Fort Tryon Park requires a loooooong subway trip uptown on the A, all the way to 190th Street. But that's part of the appeal: Once you get there, you feel you've really gotten somewhere. Built in 1935 by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.—whose father designed Central Park—Fort Tryon is a tucked-away gem hiding in plain sight, a marvelous spot for strolling, picnicking, or just taking in the glory of the Hudson. Bonus: stunning views of the George Washington Bridge, so beautiful it looks more like a matte painting than real life.

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