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Best Rap Album New York 2013 - Run the Jewels

Ironically, now that the bottom has fallen out of the economy, all mainstream rap is luxury rap. Rap music may have once been, to quote Public Enemy's Chuck D, "CNN for black people," a genre borne out of a desire to give voice to the voiceless, but it's hard to argue it's that now. Over the years, much of it has morphed into artists rhyming about their bank accounts, an endless stream of designer label dick-riding and wallet-weighing. Enter Run the Jewels, NYC rapper-producer El-P and Dungeon Family patron saint Killer Mike's attempt to correct all that's wrong with rap in 10 smoking tracks that collectively put a bullet between the eyes of capitalism and American greed. Run the Jewels is a top contender for rap album of the year, and, true to message, it's free.

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You might want to listen to the album Revolution Cocktail by Reks. Just a suggestion.


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