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Best Screening Room That Doubles as a Bar New York 2013 - Videology



308 Bedford Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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Williamsburg's beloved if anachronistic video store has found a way to not only keep up with the times, but also get ahead of them. Rest easy, nostalgianauts; Videology still does rentals, even though the collection has been moved out of sight in lieu of a bar-and-movie-theater combo. We wholeheartedly support the renovation. The Bedford Avenue institution has created one of the only truly social screening rooms we've ever been to—everything from the programming to the decision to install communal tables instead of rows of seats encourages camaraderie among tipsy cinephiles. Most screenings are interactive (charm-bracelet making and hair-braiding broke out at Now and Then), and we appreciate that the venue acknowledges television as a respectable genre—its Twin Peaks and Arrested Development bingo series have been among the most popular. Themed drink specials are offered along with events; showings, for the most part, are free.

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