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Best Soccer Bar New York 2013 - Banter


132 Havemeyer St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Now that NBC's rights deal with the English Premier League has gone through, you could watch every game from bed if you wanted (especially nice for those 7:45 a.m. kick-offs). But with a bar like Banter in Williamsburg, why would you want to? A place for neutrals, in spite of its owners' support of Liverpool FC, Banter welcomes football fans of all stripes. While the singing rings loud on a weekend morning at your typical club-pub, the scene at Banter is a bit more welcoming to the new fan. Its events calendar revolves around the fixtures of clubs domestic (the Red Bulls and the revived Cosmos) and foreign. Watch-parties for big matches often fill the roomy, woody bar on Havemeyer, where patrons stand shoulder-to-shoulder to watch TVs mounted near the ceiling, or a wall-size projector, ensuring an unobstructed view of the game. While Banter—which has about two dozen beers on tap—only opened in 2011, it has quickly filled a niche in Brooklyn created by a growing number of footy fans in New York.

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