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Best Weird Repertory Film Programming New York 2013 - Spectacle Theater

Spectacle Theater

124 S. 3rd St.

New York, NY 11211

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What are big cities for if not places like Williamsburg's Spectacle Theater, the hole-in-the-wall theater that recently, for instance, mixed up its regular programming with series such as "Molodost: Films on Soviet Youth" and "Bandido's Gold: Unearthed Spaghetti Western Treasures"? Yes, those names might sound like the titles of honors theses, but the vibe here is completely unpretentious, and the movies selected are for patrons who can appreciate a corny John Ritter TV flick just as much as, well, a film on Soviet youth. The best thing we've seen there? A supercut that makes a narrative out of 40 minutes of apocalypse films.

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